A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products

Need to Stitch an Inch of Gloss Paper?

A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products has the machinery that you need to stitch over an inch of 30lb high gloss paper. Please contact us for details.

Used Stitching Heads

A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products has a full line of used and rebuilt stitching heads. Please contact us to find out if we can help you replace your stitching head with a rebuilt OEM head from 30 year experienced technician. Our technician can rebuild your stitching head back to the factory specifications your bindery operation deserves and needs. Most heads can be rebuilt within 24-48 hours. Give us a call to inquire. Phone :(800) 333-2112

Stitching Heads Rebuilt For $75.00

www.stitchercentral.com A1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products has the knowledge and 30+ years of experience in fixing stitching heads. Send us you stitching heads and we will fix them for a one time $75.00 fee plus the cost of parts. A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products 4180 N. Port Washington Rd Glendale WI 53212 414-259-8990 Hohner, Deluxe Stitcher, Heidelberg, Reflex, and ISP Stitching Head Rebuilds Normal head turn around is 48HRS

Deluxe Bostitch 17AW, Multi head stitcher

A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products has bindery equipment ready for your needs. We have been meticulously going over our machinery and we have some really nice items. If you have a job we have a machine. Contact me at sales@stitchercentral.com www.stitchercental.com

Newly rebuilt S2F8 Metal Stitcher (ISP, Deluxe Stitcher)

A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Service has a newly rebuilt S2F8 ISP Stitching Machine ready for sale. $2000.00 This machine easily will stitch through two metal sheets to create a tight bond. This is the perfect machine for fastening metal to metal or metal to non-metal applications. Faster than riveting, no drilling required. In addition to its low cost and simplicity, wire stitching is a HIGH STRENGTH fastening method. Because the stitch penetrates both joined parts, metal stitching is highly resistant to joint fatigue and vibration. Plus, stitches give warning when over-stressed . . as visual inspection quickly detects insecure joints. No PRE-CLEANING No PRE-DRILLING No SPECIAL SKILLS REQUIRED Low Cost per Stitch Unlike Materials can be Joined Up to 300 Stitches per Minute Permanent Joints Lower Power Requirements call us at 414-259-8990 or visit us on the web at www.stitchercentral.com

Interlake Stitcher with WCJ Pilgrim Stitching Wire being used

Check out A-1 Carbigrapphic Bindery Products on You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZX4Qsq7tO4 Great Interlake ISP S3A 3/4 Machine stitching 3/4 of an inch. www.stitchercentral.com
Contact A-1 Carbigraphic Bindery Products for all of your stitching wire and bindery. We are your bindery source. Have a Safe and Happy New Years!!! 414.259.9566 www.stitchercentral.com